Posted by: S.G. Miller | March 3, 2013

Coping with Failure

This past Friday, after almost five straight days of riding, my knees threatened full rebellion if I pressed on further. They throbbed so bad each day that even standing up or walking was a chore.  I knew if I pressed on my body would break and I’d be stranded somewhere. This was not a viable option.   With much regret and sorrow, I must officially announce a premature end to my bicycle tour and have gotten a train back to my home, St. Louis.

I will continue writing, maybe on this blog maybe on a new one. I’m going to continue in the vein of bicycle news/tips and tricks as I’m taking this time to go back to work and focus on developing my passing interest of bicycle maintenance and repair into a job.  I’m enrolling in grant writing classes this spring/summer and will be writing grant letters for local bicycle advocacy groups.  For now, my travel writing is on halt but I’ve been inspired to continue writing about food.  When I get a more regular income you can expect to see reviews of local St. Louis gems (and as St. Louis foodies know, we’re a treasure trove for excellent small restaurants).

I almost certain that this announcement will isolate many of my readers and for that I’m sad but that’s just how the chips fell, folks.

It maybe a while before I have more content to post, but probably not more than a week or two (finding a new job and school will consume a lot of my time, however I have a feeling that even juggling a job and school will take less effort/time than trying to couch surf and study maps and find camp spots).


Thanks for all the reads and support folks,

-Sam Miller



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  2. Sam, I’m so sorry to hear about your knee problems, and your having to stop your bike tour. As a bike tourist myself, I know how hard these tours can be on your body, and ultimately, you have to be concerned about your long-term health. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and hopefully, you’ll be back in the saddle soon. Happy Trails, James

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